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All this Panic
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All this Panic
Teenage Girls Coming of Age in Brooklyn

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Comments (16)

Anonymous picture

I want to give Lena a big hug

Anonymous picture

Fantastic documentary. Artful, real, revealing, and moving.

Joe avatar

This documentary was lovely. I wasn't expecting was how much I'd relate to these girls. I admire how open they were about their lives and I hope they're doing well today!

Anonymous picture

really special and enlightening. made me feel nostalgic.

Anonymous picture

Really liked this! Wonderfully edited together.

Anonymous picture

I wondered as this doc started if I'd made the right choice but I wound up admiring it a lot. These girls-to-women are bright and self aware and in some cases philosophical. The filmmakers managed to capture very intimate moments and insights without getting in the way of their subjects. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very intriguing and exquisitely mysterious. I was surprised at the level of maturity these girls are exhibiting and it made me reflect on my teenage years. Great Film.

Minami avatar

I'm always so fascinated about the lives of teenagers who grow up in large metropolitan areas. I did not expect them to be so open about their lives!

Anonymous picture

at first i was a bit like, oh these privileged kids' lives how boring. but the film is shot beautifully and is very engaging. you get to know the girls very quickly and their lives and parents are fascinating and relatable. a good snapshot of modern middle class adolescence.

Anonymous picture

Would have been nice to see some actual Brooklynites in this film. These chicks are more Nebraska than Brooklyn. Boring.

Anonymous picture

Really enjoyed this film!

Anonymous picture

That was a great watch, amazing how much the subjects opened up in painful honesty about their lives. Totally enjoyable!

Tulkus avatar

There is something vaguely Wes Anderson-esque about this documentary. It doesn't really say anything, but what it doesn't say would hardly fill the back of a napkin. The only negative is that it ended. I could watch this forever.

Anonymous picture

I found this to be a surprisingly intimate look at the lives of several teenaged girls in NYC - I was occasionally astounded at the level of emotional intimacy the girls were willing to allow to be filmed. My main caveat is that I did wish there was more than one girl of color in the film, ...Read more

Brittany avatar

Yes, I agree completely agree that I wish there was more diversity in the film. Intimate film though.

Anonymous picture

I loved this. Couldn't have been better if it were scripted!